CANDDi integrates with almost all email platforms which support "merge tags" or "personalising" emails. CANDDi integrates by creating "individual URL links" for each visitor.  

Short Way (If this doesn't work, try the long way...)

In the tracking & web analytics tab in the PureResponse platform, tick the "_I use an alternative analytics tool and would like the following added to my link"_ and provide this in the box below:


Note: Change the parts in bold to whatever you like, with underscores if you need, but no spaces

Note: Make sure Google Analytics tracking is turned OFF in the platform, or it will conflict 

Test before you send! (Send to us, and we will check)

Long Explanation! ;)

Merge Fields

In order to integrate with CANDDi your mail platform needs the ability to send personalised emails to each individual recipient.  Almost all email platforms support this.  However, this functionality has different names in different platforms: Merge Tags, Merge Fields, Personalisation are just some of the terms that we've come across.

In the case of Pure360, they use the following tags:

First Name: {~firstname~}

Last Name: {~lastname~}

Email: {~email~}

Company Name



For every link in your email you then need to create a "CANDDi Integration" URL. This URL should look something like this:



You should add UTM tracking so you can easily sort and stream visitors. This will make the link code look like so:



When your email is sent then Pure360 will replace these Merge Tags with the correct values.

We recommend testing this before you send.

Any questions please feel free to email"" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-link"> and we can help validate that this works correctly.

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