If you want to be able to see which adwords campaign your visitor came from, you'll have to use Google’s ValueTrack parameter to force Adwords to pass the keyword that triggered the ad. This requires some changes in your Adwords account, mainly updating the destination URLs with some extra parameters such as in the example below:


You can read the detailed procedure on Google’s Value Track support page. Note that this will not pass the exact search query, but the Adwords keyword that triggered the ad.

If not done yet we strongly recommend you to activate the Adwords Conversion Tracking so you can measure which keywords led to a conversion (e.g., an enquiry or a sale).

If you are using Google Analytics, then you should link it to your Adwords account in order to populate information from Adwords into your Google Analytics interface.

Should you put in place the ValueTrack parameter as suggested, we will capture and display the keyword that triggered the Adwords ad a specific visitor clicked to visit your website. You can then use these keywords to stream visitors from a particular campaign.

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