CANDDi integrates with almost all email platforms which support ‘merge tags’ or 'personalising' emails. CANDDi integrates by creating 'individual URL links' for each visitor.

In order to integrate with CANDDi your mail platform needs the ability to send personalised emails to each individual recipient. Almost every email platform supports this, however, this functionality has different names in different platforms: Merge Tags, Merge Fields, and Personalisation are just some of the terms that we've come across.

The good news about Sendy is that it's super super simple to do this

When creating a new Campaign
At the bottom of the Create Campaign screen copy and paste to add the following code into the "Query string" input

See picture below

Sendy Create Campaign

This will add the CANDDi tracking into every link within your email
Any visitor who clicks through the campaign will be tracked in CANDDi

You need to repeat this every time you create a new campaign

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