There are two ways you can track visitors that come to your website from social media: broadly, or specifically.

Broadly: through selecting ‘Social Media - Network Name’, you will be able to pick up anybody who comes from any social media, as long as you choose ‘with any value’; if you choose ‘with any selected value and then put down the name of your target social media platform (e.g., Facebook), it will only pick people up from Facebook. With these rules, CANDDi will not pick up specific posts.

Specifically: Subtype and Type are quite useful if you are looking for people coming from any social media BUT one (e.g., looking for everyone who came from social media that wasn’t Facebook).The other is Google Source, that helps you track specific posts on your social media that brought visitors to your website.

Not sure which one would work best for you? Feel free to get in touch with your account manager.

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