Streams are CANDDi’s way of sorting your visitors into easy, customisable lists. You can change who has access, make streams based on whatever criteria you’d like, and even get notifications about activity in your streams. Everything you need to know about streams is here. If you need information on Tags, Tables or Triggers that isn’t covered here, there’s a separate FAQ for that here.

If we’ve missed anything, or you just need a little more help, email us on, or call us at 0161 414 1080.

Searching streams

How do I stream a specific question on my website?

Why are visitors not appearing in the “Source: Email marketing stream?”

Create a Stream Explained

How do I export data from a Stream?

Adding a Stream to a Nightly Summary

Stream visitors from Social Media

How do I create a stream based on my email campaign name?

New stream creation: Referrers - what are those?

Changing default columns in list view and export of streams

Create a stream for an AdWords/PPC Campaign

Create a stream not loading!

Email marketing integration - Create stream for this campaign

How to add or edit Stream Groups

Streams dashboard explained

Sharing a Group of Streams with other CANDDi users

Make a stream to see who has downloaded a PDF

How to access and use the Streams Dashboard (admin mode)

Why can’t my colleagues see the stream I created?

How to access streams dashboard

Stream referrers: Social media option vs. Google source vs. Subtype vs Type

Stream is not part of Group

How do I stop my staff/colleagues showing in my streams?
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