Tags, tables and triggers are all important parts of CANDDi that can sometimes take a little understanding. This page has all the FAQs under these headings to help you work it all out. They’re all closely linked with Streams, which has its own FAQ page here. If you’re struggling with anything related to these topics, you’ll find the answer here.

If we’ve missed something, or you need more help, email us at hello@canddi.com or give us a call on 0161 414 1080.

How can I tag people who have visited a specific page?

How do Tags and Streams work together?

Adding Triggers to a stream

Trigger dashboard explained

Building a Stream based on a Tag

What is a Tag?

Tags dashboard explained: Site Tagging - Individual

Using the Excludes modal

How do I tag a form as ‘Enquired’?

How to change the columns displayed in the list view?

Manually adding a tag

How do I remove a Trigger?

Tags management dashboard

Why do all my contacts say ‘first time in stream’?

Tags dashboard explained: Site tagging - group

Webhook trigger

Change Tag - trigger setup

Bronto merge tags

How do I see who has visited a particular page in the last month?

How to create export preferences

Enquired & Excluded

How do I export data from longer than a week?

See which AdWords/PPC campaign visitors came from

Google PPC, SEO and keywords

How can I make a contact show as a converted (or any other tag)?

Importing data into Excel

Funny symbols in my export?
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