CANDDi is a website analytics and tracking tool. The software itself works by the Campaign and Digital Intelligence Client (herein the ‘Client’) placing a small snippet of Javascript code into the header/ footer of their website.

Once in place, visitors to the website will be tracked using two first-party cookies. CANDDi is then able to associate website activity with a device linking sessions and visits.

CANDDi is able to link this device, and therefore onsite activity, with a visitor's identity and present this information within the CANDDi dashboard. There are 4 circumstances in which the visitor identity can be established, these are:

The completion of a website form
The completion of the CANDDi Capture
A visit to the website as a result of clicking through a tracked 1-2-1 email (in conjunction with CANDDi Outlook/Gmail Plugin)
A visit to the website as a result of a bulk email marketing click-through

Where one of the above has not occurred the visitor's identity will remain anonymous.

CANDDi also monitors the IP address of the visitor. In some instances, this will be registered/linked with a company. In these instances, CANDDi will display company level information (company name, location, employee headcount, etc) until one of the identifiers has been completed.

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