If you have Sharpspring on your website, you'll recognise that it integrates in a very similar way to CANDDi by installing a javascript snippet into the headers across the site. 

Getting both CANDDi and Sharpspring to work simultaneously on your forms is possible, it just takes a little configuration at the back end. 

Follow these steps to get them both working. 

Step 1

You will have Sharpspring script placed on your site that looks something like the below.

We need to edit this script to include CANDDi's tracking variables, so the forms can read CANDDi tracking.  

We can do this by editing the bottom line of the first script section only.  

Adding what Sharpspring refers to as "hidden fields", which are mainly used by third parties (such as CANDDi) to transfer more information with the form submissions. 

See the amended script below as a guide for what you need to change. 

Step 2

The final step requires you to add CANDDi as a third party service within your Sharpspring Dashboard. 

*NOTE - You will have to carry out these steps for each form across the site you want CANDDi to track

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