Triggers help CANDDi alert the right person at the right time when an activity of interest takes place on your website by specific prospect (ie. A prospect of interest returns to your site, etc.)

You can set triggers up through the Trigger Dashboard. Here is walk through the dashboard.

You start off by choosing what CANDDi should do when a prospect does something you want to know about.

Webhook - a more techy trigger that works with REST and API (it is not commonly used however)
Change tag - eg when a prospect does an activity which awards him a new tag (ie visits a particular website, becomes a client), this trigger will automatically give the prospect the new tag so you don’t have to do it manually
Email notification - this is the most commonly used type of alert; it sends out an email to people listed in #3
Hipchat - this is particular to CANDDi where we push certain notifications straight through to our internal chat system (would like to know if something similar could be done for you? Send us an email to and we’ll see what we can do)

This is a report sent out daily and with that you can set parameters such as which stream to have a report from, how many visitors to see, what type of a visitor to see (new or returning) and how you want to order them; summary can also be sent to more than one person.

From #3, the setup becomes trigger specific. I’m using the email notification as that is most common. However below are links to FAQs for the other trigger setups.

This bar shows for Email notification and Hipchat where you can choose one or multiple people who need to be notified
& 5. Shows on every trigger setup aside from 5. Showing on Summary email. But what does the choice in #5 mean actually? (you can refer to below or the question mark next to ‘Trigger on’)

Rejoin -  used for specific pages or CANDDi capture (ie when prospect view a pricing page and you have a stream setup for that page, you will be alerted every time the prospect comes back to the pricing page)
Join - the first time a prospect enters the stream
Leaves - if a prospect leaves the stream (ie moving from prospect stream to client stream)
Returns to site - if a prospect is a member of a stream and comes back to the website (ie prospect in ‘To close’ stream comes to the website)

Setup selection changes based on the type of trigger you want to setup and is explained in each individual FAQ.
It’s all that’s left to create the new trigger.

Trigger specific FAQ:


Change Tag

Email Notification

Summary Email

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