Lead Score and Lead Grade are two of the most powerful features in CANDDi. They enable marketers and salespeople with high-traffic volume websites to quickly and accurately identify the most profitable target leads, and to use algorithmic learning to recommend the next action.

The Lead Score is a numeric value (0 - 100) based on the Contact's activity on the website: number of sessions, number of pages, high value pages, etc. The Lead Score is calculated in real-time and increases as the scoring actions increase. The Lead Score also decreases over time, so a Contact with high activity six months ago but who never returned will have a lower score, than one who did the same activity yesterday.

The Lead Grade is an alphabetical value (A-E) based on the ‘intrinsic quality’ of the lead: type of company, role within company etc. The Lead Grade only ever increases as CANDDi learns more information about the Contact / Company.

Combining Lead Score and Lead Grade produces a 2x2 matrix. This is how to use them:

1. Find Hot Sales Leads
Contacts who have High Grades (they are ‘the right kind of Lead’) and High Scores (they have done a lot of relevant activity) are perfect Sales prospects. You know that they are the right people within the Organisation and they're showing that they are interested in your proposition. Prioritise these prospects within your sales function.

2. Marketing Lead
Contacts who have High Grades (they are ‘the right kind of Lead’) but Low Scores are good long-term prospects. They're the right person within the organisation, but not quite ready for a sales approach. We recommend adding them to a drip marketing campaign and slowly engaging with them until their activity shows that they are a Hot Sales Lead.

3. Investigate
Contacts who have High Scores (lots of relevant activity) but Low Grades (they aren't the right type of lead) need further investigation. These Contacts might be time wasters (for example Competitors often fall into this category) or they might be an ‘untapped source of future revenue’, for example a set of Contacts who exhibit different characteristics to your ‘dream lead’ because you've not yet considered targeting them.

4. Time waster
Low Score and Low Grades are not even worth pursuing - ignore this traffic unless the metrics improve.

Lead Scoring and Grading does require planning to implement correctly. Please feel free to contact your Account Developer to chat through Lead Scoring and how to configure your account.

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