CANDDi.Link requires .csv files, which store data in a table structured format. There are two options when uploading this data into CANDDi.Link:

Create a new table
There are only two instances where you should be creating a new table: when you're making an upload for the first time, or you're uploading a completely different set of data than before, based on a separate series of "Tags".

Use an existing table
Wherever possible, it's important to use previous table formats. In most cases, you'd expect to be uploading data that's an updated version of a previous upload, for example, a list of existing clients, ex-clients and prospects. This data will likely change and grow over time, so you can use the same table format as before with updated information.

It's important to use the same tables due to how .csv's and CANDDi.Link stores and processes data.

If you process an upload in one table, CANDDi.Link stores this information and layout and can recognise / disregard any duplicate information that's made during future uploads using that same table.

However if you were to upload the same data in a new table, CANDDi.Link won't recognise this as the same information and will then duplicate data causing messy profiles.

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