Once you've decided how you want to filter, tag and manage your data in CANDDi, the next step is to upload this data into CANDDi.Link. Please make sure any upload is made with a .csv file. Here’s how to do it:

Ensure the data is as clean and organised as you can, with the correct data under the correct headings. Make sure only the relevant fields are uploaded as there are a limited number of data fields that can be mapped using CANDDi.Link. They are:
Tags †
Assigned To: Email Address
Email Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
First Name
Last Name
Full Name
Phone Number

†TAGS: If there are multiple, make sure they are separated by a comma AND are all lower case. Any spaces must also be replaced with an underscore eg. Instead of 'Ex Client' use 'ex_client'

An example of an effective upload would look like so:

Drag and drop your .csv into CANDDi.Link to upload it.

When you first upload any new set of data, you will need to go to ‘Create new table’.

**DO NOT** create new tables for every upload. It's important to use the same table format for future uploads where applicable, as this can duplicate tags.

Once you have created the table name, you'll need to map your upload fields to make sure they fit CANDDi's. Hit Submit and you should now see an ‘Upload Successful’ screen!

Uploads can take up to 24 hours to process all contacts and tags. Once this is complete, you should automatically see a new group of Streams in your Dashboard for CANDDi.Link, filtering out all of your identified visitors who match with your upload and those who don't.

Contacts will also begin to become assigned to the relevant users and appear in their ‘Assigned to..’ streams.

Have more questions? Contact us at hello@canddi.com or 0161 414 1080
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