You want to track and identify people clicking through your campaigns/emails, but your links go to sites which don't have CANDDi tracking on?

No problem. We can redirect them through your site - so they still click one link and go to e.g. Facebook, but in between they have whooshed through your site and been picked up by your tracking (takes 0-3secs, feels like nothing). :)

How do I?

1) Log in to

2) Paste in the destination URL (e.g. Facebook)


3) Save this, then when the new "redirect" link appears, click the button in the bottom right to copy this.


4) Paste into your email as normal, behind some link text using the "hyperlink" button.

- If using Outlook or Gmail, the plugin will then track this link as normal.

- If in an email campaign, please track your email campaign links as normal!

5) To get a redirect link you made earlier, just find it in the list and press the "copy" button on the right.

Yay! You're all set.

This feature is not yet finished - there will be tonnes more additions to this service to make it better, smoother and easier to use, so watch this space!

Feedback welcomed:

0161 414 1080

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