Occasionally (mis-configured) websites will strip off Query string parameters from URLs.

If there are problems with your URL stripping off query string parameters there will be some problems such as CANDDi not fully working, stripping off 3rd party analytic sites such as Google Analytics, there will also be problems with your email campaigns.

How to check:

In your web browser enter:

The press enter.  If this redirects to a URL looking like 

If the utm_medium parameter disappears then your URL is stripping off the query string parameters:

Unfortunately, the problem isn't something with CANDDi it is a problem with your website/web-server configuration.

The way to solve this is if you are using an Apache server you will need to change and do a mod rewrite for the parameters not to be stripped off. 

Here is a link that shows you how to mod rewrite: (you will need to ask your website administrator to fix this)

If you're using a non-Apache server then please contact CANDDi (

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