This document contains information about all the cookies used by CANDDi

In normal working usage CANDDi places two first-party cookies on a visitor's machine

CANDDi cal also place some CAN_Store_xxx cookies.  These are temporary cookies which CANDDi uses to ensure that the data which has been captured is recorded and transmitted to the CANDDi servers.  These cookies are deleted after a positive response is received from the CANDDi tracking servers

You are probably also using Google analytics. Here's a useful guide to GA cookies.

If you implement cookie-opt-in technology then you can configure this to call CANDDi's API to record a visitor's preferences

If a customer explicitly opts out of being tracked then call the following javascript and CANDDi will stop tracking any data about this visitor

if(window.canddi) { window.canddi.doNotTrack() }

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