This document contains information about all the cookies used by CANDDi.

In normal working usage CANDDi places two first-party cookies on a visitor's machine.

CANDDi can also place some_ CAN_Store_xxx _ cookies. These are temporary cookies which CANDDi uses to ensure that the data which has been captured is recorded and transmitted to the CANDDi servers. These cookies are deleted after a positive response is received from the CANDDi tracking servers.

If you are also using Google analytics, here's a useful guide to GA cookies.

If you implement cookie-opt-in technology then you can configure this to call CANDDi's API to record a visitor's preferences.

If a customer explicitly opts out of being tracked then call the following javascript and CANDDi will stop tracking any data about this visitor:

if(window.canddi) { window.canddi.doNotTrack() }

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