Here’s a quick tour of a Contact:

The visitor's contact details
If a contact has more than one value it will show as ‘+ more companies’. You will need to click on this for more info, or to edit the info manually.

Location. This is not always the location of the person; sometimes it’s the location of the server.
Assign, exclude or share the visitor here.


View, add or remove tags here - click list view to edit.
More info on the IP address(/es) the visitor has been browsing from.
Shows which browsers the individual has used to get to your site.


If the visitor has filled in the CANDDi Capture on your website, you can view their answer here.
Info on what brought the visitor to your site every time they visited; you have the pie chart view, detail view, or list view.
Details of everything the visitor did on your site under Activities.
If they filled in any forms/did any searches while on your website, their answers will be under ‘More Info’.

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