Tags are ‘properties’ of Contacts. They describe certain actions a Contact has undertaken. They include things like ‘identified’ or ‘logged_in’, but you can also tag people with things like their rough geographic location. You can then see all visitors who came from ‘Atlanta, GA, USA’ or ‘Edinburgh, Scotland’. These tags can be used to make ‘Streams’ in order to view Contacts with specific filters.

Tags can be added to a Contact in two different ways:
Manually, using the contact view. Simply load a contact, find the tag tab on the screen, type a tag in the input box and press add. This will add a tag to one Contact. You will need to view the tags in a list view for you to add a tag.
Automatically using the Site Tagging Settings. This allows you to tell CANDDi to automatically add a tag to a Contact once they have done a specific action. For example: when a Contact has visited your "contact us" page then they could automatically be given the tag ‘contact_us_page’.

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