What is CANDDi.download?

It will soon be part of your standard CANDDi dashboard where you can upload an attachment / document such as a Quote, Proposal, Invoice i.e. personalised document for your client/s, or even standard documents such as Terms & Conditions.

Once you have been setup with CANDDi.download (please speak with your Account Developer to get access), there are two parts to consider:

1) You can upload any attachment to CANDDi.download, it gets stored in your own segregated and secure area (good to know when uploading a proposal or quote). Once a recipient sees your document, they can "Save as" a PDF or other type etc. CANDDi.download is simply providing a link to that document instead of giving them a physical attachment. Any recipients clicking on that link are seeing the document on a secure part of your CANDDi.download site. You are no longer therefore chancing your attachments going into a recipients' spam folder due to it's size etc. 

Here is a link to the FAQ: https://support.canddi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/218592247-Use-CANDDi-Download-to-host-and-track-files-instead-of-sending-attachments-

2) Using CANDDi.download, you can now easily re-direct someone clicking on a link within an email, to any website URL and Identify them in the process even if they don't land on your website. This is because they are instantly sent to your secure CANDDi.download page and then instantly re-directed to, for example, your company's Linked-In page.

Here is a link to the FAQ: https://support.canddi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/216803898-Using-CANDDi-Download-BETA-to-send-a-tracked-campaign-to-a-third-party-site

Who is CANDDi.download designed for?

It is ideal for both sales people and professional consultants using CANDDi who want to know which of their prospects have opened an "attachment", which they sent out via email. Also, it is useful for marketeers who want to see if a PDF they usually link to in an Email Campaign is getting visits. In both instances it will work with your Email Plugin or Email Platform to Identify the visitors on CANDDi, turning perhaps an anonymous profile into a fully Identified profile down to the recipient's name.

The re-direct side of this feature is ideal to grab the extra identities of people going to your associated sites, for example, Twitter or Linked-In (where there is no CANDDi tracking code). You may just want to track and Identify someone who you feel would find a newspaper or trade article interesting which discusses your product or service. Say somebody wants an independent review of your product, you can send them to one of your client's webpages which details how great your company is.

How does CANDDi.download work?

CANDDi.download is fully integrated into the Outlook and Gmail Plugins as well as being available to all Email Platforms within the Email Integration drop-down menu (accessed via the usual CANDDi Dashboard). Instead of attaching a document to your email, CANDDi.download would be used instead, to replace the attachment with a tracked link. When the recipient clicks on it, it will identify them on CANDDi and you can see exactly when the recipient has opened the attachment.

Speak to your Account Developer for a full demo of this new feature.

Where do I find CANDDi.download?

It is available now. Please speak with your dedicated Account Developer to get set up, see a full demonstration and get some standard documents and re-directs setup.
When should I use CANDDi.download?

It really is up to you but it can be used in any situation where tracking the opening of an attachment will be useful to you. From a new business perspective, the recipient may receive your email but be too busy to read your complete proposal or consider your quote for a few days. When they do finally open the attachment, you will know about it and this would be a good time to call them. They might be considering your proposal along with your competitors. Be cool, give it some time and make the fact you are calling them totally coincidental e.g. Hi Dave, how are you? I was due to give you a call today and follow up on "x".

Why should I use CANDDi.download?

Do you want to know who your hottest prospects are? Those who sound interested on the phone may not be the ones ready to buy. Similarly those who don't sound very interested may just be keeping their cards close to their chest.

Do you ever just think, I wonder if Dave got my attachment? Did he see it at the bottom of the email? Rather than call in a few days and ask did you get the attachment, you can be positive and ask, for example, what are your thoughts on the proposal I sent you?

If you send a standard attachment out together with a quote or proposal e.g. Terms & Conditions, knowing if Dave opened this document in addition to your first document reinforces his interest in your product/service. How about sending out a "How can I pay" PDF - the ultimate buying signal!!

How much does it cost to use CANDDi.download per download?

The fantastic news is that IT IS FREE! Yes, it is all part of your standard subscription. CANDDi are continuously improving the standard package for users, so please make the most out of this fantastic new feature. Give it a try now! You can test it on a colleague or family member to begin with. If you want to discuss it in more detail first, speak to your CANDDi Account Developer and send them a test attachment during or after your call.

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