allows you to use existing knowledge within your CRM/ERP/Database to enhance the data you have within CANDDi. This comes with the view of being able to better manage and filter your identified visitors into specific segments as well as alerting the right people at the right time (so as not to miss out on any opportunities)! 

What's the benefit?

Below is a screenshot of a typical profile that could be enhanced with CANDDi.Link

With CANDDi.Link if Ash (above) was a known "opportunity" within your CRM we'd be using the information from there to tell CANDDi he is such.

Ash may return to your website to look into one of your products or services 2 weeks after he was emailed and identified. Because CANDDi now knows who owns that contact and at what stage they are, we can alert the relevant sales person giving incentive to give Ash a call!

For information on how CANDDi.Link actually works, click to see our FAQ here. 

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