CANDDi Lead Scoring is a streamlined way of seeing which of the prospects in your dashboard are the hottest.

A visitor's score depends on things like which pages of your site they visited; where they came from; and how many pages they looked at in a particular session, etc.

Lead score is displayed as a number on the top right of a contact card, beside the Lead Grade which shows as a letter.

You can customise which site activities give the visitor a higher score, and how long it takes for the score to ‘decay’ (if a while has passed since the visitor was on your website, the score will gradually go down, so you can always tell who's hot now).

You can then make streams based on Lead Score, or share only the hottest leads with your sales team via the CANDDi Mobile App or your CRM!

Lead Scoring is available on CANDDi Premium packages and above - please speak to your Account Developer to enable and configure it on your account!

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