The web enquiry form is perhaps one of the most important functions of a website, yet with surprisingly regularity, the most overlooked.

With the endless possibilities there are when building a website, it’s easy to forget the whole idea is for it to act as a shop window to your business. Your website enquiries should act as a simple door in, without requiring clients or customers to encounter hurdles just to get in touch with you.

When it comes to website forms, it can be easy to completely underrate their importance to your website and your business. Contrary to that, it can be just as easy to get carried away with asking for information, which puts people off filling them in and renders them just as useless as not having them at all.

Simplicity is key, and don’t hide them away under layers of pages to some obscure corner of your site! There’s a reason we find our CANDDi Capture forms so effective, but we also want to make sure our clients are getting value from their own forms - the quicker and easier it is for a prospect to get in touch, the more efficient revenue generation from your site can be!

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