The Lead Grade, which appears on the top of a contact as a letter, is designed to let you sort and filter based on the ‘quality’ of a particular visitor.

For example, sometimes you spot a really engaged visitor who is visiting all the right pages on your website, and has a really high lead score... However, they turn out to be a competitor, student, or somebody else you aren't really interested in.

In the future, you will be able to set a grade based on the company data, like sector, turnover, and number of employees. Currently, you can change the grade based on data CANDDi has picked up on the individual, e.g. Are they identified? Have you tagged them as a competitor?

You can also set your Lead Grade based on the streams this person is a member of - so you could give them a higher grade if they came through your one-to-one emails, or if they are a University, or one of your ‘Target 100’ companies.

Then, you can create hot-prospect streams for visitors with a high lead score and the right lead grade, to make sure you only see the most relevant of prospects.

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