Congratulations! You've probably recently enabled your CANDDi Capture.

The Capture is a javascript pop-up which you can target to appear to different people on your website. We find it tends to get 3-5 times more enquiries than a standard website form!

Any visitor details entered into the Capture will be collected in your CANDDi dashboard, and an immediate email alert sent to whomever you like. By default, the Capture will appear to everyone on all pages, be colour-coordinated to your site, and alert the key user when somebody fills it in.

You can, however, change all the following details:
Change the colours
Change the question type and text (refer to section 2.2)
Set a delay before it appears
Make it appear on particular pages (or NOT on particular pages)
Make more than one
Make it appear only to specific people (e.g. geographically targeted)

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