One thing CANDDi can bring to light from your web traffic is just how many spam bots there are trawling across the web and if you're unfortunate enough, on your site!

The reason these bots trawl through onto your site, without disabling analytics tracking can vary. Some of the most common types tend to be; 

Referrer Spam; a method for lead generation through spamming you with a clients name
Affiliate traffic; also known as "ghost referrers", they trick websites and analytics into thinking there was a visit in order to get shown up in referrer logs (which get indexed)
SEO logs; certain platforms use crawlers to index webpage data, they should disable analytics tracking but are guilty of not at times resulting in multiple visits

There's examples of others, but the important question is what can you do to prevent them getting onto your site? 

Blocking via .htaccess

One potential way to stop spammers getting through is by blocking their domains in the root directory of your domain. Dependent on whether you're using an Apache server, follow this guide at

It's not likely to prevent everything, but might save you from some. 

Excluding them in CANDDi

To filter them out in CANDDi so you don't see them interfering with the rest of your data, there are a couple of steps you can take. 

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