CANDDi integrates with many outbound email platforms and can tell you when somebody who you have emailed as clicked through to your site and they did after that. You can easily create streams which are based on a specific email campaign to see what the people who clicked through that campaign actually did on your site.

Many email providers will give you statistics about your opening rates and click through rates for each link in your email. Sometimes those numbers do no match up with the visitors you're seeing in CANDDi. This page aims to explain why you're seeing what you are seeings.

CANDDi doesn't track email opens, only click throughs

Occasionally we have clients who mistake a statistic for emails being opened for a rate of click through. Only your email provider can provide rates of emails being opened. Campaign Monitor have an excellent article about opening rates

Link preview windows giving false positives

Some email clients will show users a preview of a website if they hover over a link.  This will very often trigger an email platform to register this as a click through, but in actuality that user has not gone to your site.  Because CANDDi only runs in the website page it will only track actually website visits.

Text emails don't always have tracking

Some email platforms do not rewrite the content of the text version of your email, meaning that the links that a user click do not include the CANDDi identification codes and thus we will register a visitor but won't click up the additional information that was passed through.

Link pre-fetching false positives

Some email clients will try and access the content of some links, probably as part of spam detection.  Much like a preview window, this activity can end up being tracked by some client platforms but will not result in a profile in CANDDi (correctly).

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