You may notice that different profiles may show different data. For example, one profile may have company information including phone numbers, URL and address, however, some profiles may not have any company information.

IP Lookup

CANDDi runs a reverse IP lookup to pull through information into a profile. For example, when a visitor comes to your site, CANDDi will take their IP address and run a reverse IP lookup. If a company has registered their information to the IP address then you will see this in CANDDi.

You can see all of this information in a profile:

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Company Data

Once we have tracked the IP address, we will then look at their domain. From this, CANDDi will scrape their website to pull other information such as the company's address, description, phone number.

For example, take a look at this profile:

It's completely normal that some profiles may not become 'identified' as sometimes a company may not have registered their IP address. CANDDi will still attempt to pull through as much information as possible simply from their IP address and location.

If you have any questions on specific profiles, please contact us on or 0161 414 1080 and we can take a further look

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