If you are getting a pop up with a name which is not yours, this means that CANDDi has collected info on you which isn't yours.

This sometimes happens for staff, since you are clicking through test emails and playing with the CANDDi tracking - so it's very easy to get some funky code added to your profile! (See below screenshot...)

The name displayed here is the name which CANDDi has on record for your machine. For prospects who click through emails or fill in forms, they will tend to see correct details displayed here.

You can help this by keeping your dashboard tidy (How? See item two of the contact view!).

If you don't want your prospects/clients to be greeted personally, you can set it:

a) Not to show at all to already-identified visitors

b) Not to display the personalised welcome

However, generally the data will be correct for prospects/clients. :)

If you want any help, give us a ring on 0161 414 1080 or email help@canddi.com!

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