If you're testing CANDDi tracked links on an email campaign from Anthill CRM and you send a "Test Campaign", this can result in the wrong name being pulled through into a visitor profile - sometimes causing multiple names / email per profile.

This is caused when sent specifically as a "Test" Campaign as it selects a random recipient from your subscribers list. 

What does this mean for CANDDi - when generating a tracked link and sending a regular campaign the tracked link should appear similar to the below:


However, when you click through a test campaign it might look like this: 


(This will cause a profile that looks like the below - notice multiple email identities)

This occurs as it will register the email included in the tracking code as belonging to whichever device clicked the link. This can then snowball if you were to send out multiple tests to multiple recipients.

To avoid this, please always test by sending a live (test) campaign, instead of sending through the systems test function.

Feel free to include your CANDDi Consultant, we can test the resulting links and confirm all is working perfectly.

If you have a campaign to test, or any questions on the above get in touch with your CANDDi Consultant.

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