CANDDi provides visitor level tracking.  We track every interaction which a visitor has with your website - including form submissions and data which the visitor enters.  This is one of the methods by which CANDDi can identify actual individuals on your site.

Occasionally CANDDi struggles to capture or to interpret data from forms - this FAQ examines some of the reasons behind this

If you have had an inbound enquiry that you can see details for, but that CANDDi has nothing for, raise a support ticket and sent us the link to that Contact and as much information as you have about when or how they enquired.  We'll track it down.

1. CANDDi is unable to interpret form-data-

When form data is submitted then CANDDi attempts to interpret the data which she receives.

For example if you have a field called "emailAddress" then CANDDi will determine that this contains email data and will map this to the visitor's profile.

On occasion we find forms with field names which CANDDi is unable to interpret.  You can "code up" these forms yourself using the Tags Dashboard (see How do I teach CANDDi to understand my forms and pages?).  If you've followed that FAQ and are still having problems, raise a support ticket.

2. CANDDi is unable to capture form-data-

In a few instances CANDDi is unable to actually capture the form data.

This usually happens when a form is running within an iFrame (An Inline Frame (IFRAME/IFrame) element allows one HTML document to be embedded within another HTML document)

 If you believe that CANDDi is not correctly capturing the data on your site - please contact us ( and we'll take a look.

3. There's too much information for certain browsers to pass back-

Occasionally somebody will fill in so much information into a form that older browsers (Internet Explorer 8 and below) will struggle to pass the information back to CANDDi (and in fact sometimes your servers too). It's not often we see it, but it can happen.  If this is the case, we'll let you know as part of your support request.

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