If your website is on Wordpress and you've downloaded the CANDDi Wordpress plugin to install the CANDDi tracking code, but have found that identification isn't happening where it should (email click throughs, CANDDi Capture can't be set live etc), it's due to Wordpress stripping the query string from the URL's.

As an example, you have an email campaign with a CANDDi tracked hyperlink that looks like this one we made up:


However, when clicked it ends up showing in the URL:


This isn't pulling through the identities needed. This happens because Wordpress' security attempts to rewrite any complex URLs that have parameters it doesn't recognise.

It's also affected by server-side redirects - these happen when a website is forced to load a website without "www." first.

i.e. examplehere.com?ce=daniel@canddi.com&cfn=daniel&cln=bignell.

Wordpress caches your website's pages based on their respective URLs, and attempts to exclude URLs that it doesn't recognise when they come through via a re-direct.

To avoid this, when you're copying in your tracker ID into the CANDDi Wordpress plugin, you should notice an "apply fix" tick box within the plugin (see image below).

This should prevent Wordpress from stripping the URLs that it doesn't recognise, even from a server-side redirect.

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