Updating the Outlook Plugin

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The latest Outlook Plugin is Version 2.5.5. To check which one you have, see our FAQ on how to do so here. If you need to upgrade, see below for our walkthrough. 


How to steps:

1) First thing is first, you need to remove the existing version of the Outlook plugin on your machine.

To do this, simply go to:

Control Panel > Remove Programs > (Right click) CANDDi for Outlook > Uninstall


2) Close down Outlook! 


3) Next, visit the URL canddi.to/outlook

This will automatically download the latest version of the plugin onto your machine 


4) You might need to look in your "Downloads" folder to find the plugin installer

Once you've found it, simply double click to install. This should only take a minute.

(If you receive any pop up messages from your machine asking for the program to make changes, select "yes")


5) Once installation is complete, re-open your Outlook and you should see the CANDDi sidebar appear asking you to log in to your account




6) Once logged in, you should be good to go and start tracking as normal!





If you're having any issues and the plugin hasn't installed as expected, view our Troubleshooting FAQ here


Alternatively, give your Consultant a call on 0161 414 1080 :) 



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