Mail-Merge's and CANDDi Tracking


If you haven't done so already, follow our FAQ on generating Merge tags for Outlook in order to do mail-merges with CANDDi tracking, please find it here. 

If you've tested the above process as normal but with no luck and tracking doesn't appear to be working (or tracking code isn't applying to the hyperlinks) then please follow the below.

Doing a mail-merge with the Outlook plugin works slightly differently dependant on which version of Outlook you're using; Outlook 2013 or 2016. 


The initial steps for both are the same:

1) Open up regedit on your machine - you can simply search for it in the Start bar.            Screen_Shot_2017-06-26_at_13.42.21.png

2) You'll need to update the registry by following this pathway:



3) Right click and create a new DWORD  Name it "ForceShellExecute"


4) Double-click the new record and change the Value to "1"

Click OK and exit


5) Now create the tracked links in our custom spreadsheet as if you're following the mail merge process as normal.

Find the spreadsheet here



After this point then differs for Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016. 


Outlook 2016

continued from step 5) above

6) Create hyperlinks in your Word mail-merge template as normal, then replace the static link with a merge field for the tracking link

(Insert Merge field in Word), it should appear as shown on the right.


7) Follow final steps as detailed in our FAQ here




Outlook 2013

continued from step 5) above

6) On the Insert menu, click Field (under Quick Parts in later office versions).

7) In the Field names list, click Hyperlink, and then click OK. The text Error! Hyperlink reference not valid appears in the document.

8) Press ALT+F9 to open the { HYPERLINK \* MERGEFORMAT } field code.

9) Put the insertion point after HYPERLINK and then add a space.

10) On the Insert menu, click Field. In the Field names list, click MergeField. In the Field name text box, type the name of the data source field that contains the hyperlink, and then click OK.

For example, if the name of the data source field is "Address1," the field code appears as follows: { HYPERLINK { MERGEFIELD "Address1" } \* MERGEFORMAT }

11) Press ALT+F9 to close the field code. You now have Error! Hyperlink reference not valid text.

12) Put the insertion point at some arbitrary place in the middle of the Error! Hyperlink reference not valid text, and insert the text you want to appear. If you would like a merge field, insert that from the "Insert Merge Field" option on the menu.

13) Delete the remaining text of Error! ... before and after the text you want to keep.



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