How does CANDDi establish a visitors location?



How does CANDDi establish a visitors location?

CANDDi will always try to get the most accurate location possible for each visitor to your website.

There are however a number of different ways in which the location can be established with varying degrees of accuracy:

1. 'Location Services' on a device This is the most accurate way to identify a visitors location. When the device has 'location services' enabled CANDDi will show this information and is very confident this is where the visitor is located.
2. Postcode (from enquiry) When a postcode is volunteered within an enquiry CANDDi will show this location with relative confidence. Of course this is not 100% certain however will have a high confidence of accuracy.
3. Visitors Email Address By searching the website associated with the given email address CANDDi may be able to establish office locations for the company. 
4. IP Address Lookup

The accuracy of this method will vary dependent on the type of IP address used.

  • Static IP Address - When a visitor is using this type if IP address. We can say with a high degree confidence this is the location of the visitor (as accurate as 1 & 2)
  • Dynamic IP Address - This would result in a rough approximation of the visitors location. Most likely accurate to regional level.
  • Mobile IP Address - Typically within the UK this will show as London. This is accurate to a 'country' level.

How can this go wrong?

From time to time visitors will come to your site whilst on a VPN. In these instances the visitor will show at the location of the VPN rather than their actual location i.e. is is possible a visitor in London on a VPN could show in Sydney!


Nb. CANDDi attempts to display the differences between the locations identified via the location dropdown within a visitor record. The different coloured pins show the types of location identified.


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