Why does my CANDDi Email plugin show '+' in the body?


Sometimes in the body of your email '+' can show.


This could be due to another email plugin interfering with CANDDi e.g. Sidekick


For the CANDDi Email plugin to work, you will have to disable any other similar plugins to CANDDi. This means when you compose new emails, '+' will no longer show.


To disable add ins for Outlook you will need to do the following:

1. Open Outlook

2. Go to File, Options

3. Go to Add-ins

4. At the bottom of the window click 'Go' next to 'COM Add ins'

5. Then un-tick the check box of the add-in you would wish to disable.


To disable add ins for Gmail in Google Chrome you will need to:

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Go to the ellipses, and then Settings.


3. Go to Extensions. Here you can completely remove the add in


If you need any more help, please contact help@canddi.com or ring 0161 414 1080

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