Adding Triggers to a Stream



Triggers allow a CANDDi user to be notified when a Contact first joins the stream (or when the Contact returns to the website)

For example:

  A custom stream might have been created for all Contacts who have spent over 60 seconds on the website.

  A Contact who visits the website and spends only 30 seconds will NOT be in this stream.

  A Contact who visits the website and spends over 60 seconds will join this stream 

  When they join the stream then an email can be sent to you (the CANDDi User)

 When the Contact returns the your website then an email could be sent to you to say that the Contact has returned


How to steps:

  1. When creating a new Stream follow step three of this process. 
  2. Go to "Alerts" at the top of your dashboard and select "Triggers Dashboard"
  3. Alternatively, if you wish to add this to an existing Stream then select the drop down menu which is located on top right hand side of the screen and click "Edit Triggers".




3.Select the type of Trigger you would like to create (in this instance Email Notification) Select whether you would like to create an email notification when:

  •  A Contact first joins the stream
  •  A Contact re joins the stream
  •  A Contact Returns to your siteA Contact leaves a stream


4. Select the user that you wish to set the trigger for.


5. You can then provide a custom title / header (or you can choose to use the default CANDDi settings) 


7. Then press Add Trigger and this notification will be activated for this stream

8. You can then also press TEST which will send an example email


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