How to delete "incorrect" data from CANDDi



CANDDi is a learning system - when she collects data from your website (or website visitors) then she tries to interpret and organise this data.

However (whilst she's pretty good) sometimes she gets this wrong.

For example identifying an ISP as a Company


This help guide details how to delete this incorrect data from CANDDi



1. Identify a contact with "incorrect" data
    Typically you'll see this within the dashboard list or card view.

    (For example in the card below I don't believe that Anosh works for ABC Limited - I know he works for CANDDi)



2. Click on the contact with the incorrect data

    This will open the contact view


3. Click on the edit symbol next the invalid data 

4. A pop-up will appear


5. Click the x icon to remove the invalid data 


6. You can then input the correct data in the Company Name bar and click Add

7. Your contact will now be updated (and the dashboard view will be updated too)


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