Campaign Monitor Integration



This document discusses how to use CANDDi with the Campaign Monitor email marketing platform

 CANDDi tracks click throughs from an outbound email marketing campaign (so when you create links in this email it's important to create CANDDi tracked links)


Steps to create a "CANDDi enabled" Campaign Monitor newsletter


1. Login to Campaign Monitor (Example:

2. Create your HTML template (as normal)

3. There are two different ways to add links within Campaign Monitor

3a) Adding standard HTML links

Click "Edit" on a section.  This creates an "add new / edit" section on the Left Hand Side.

In the Article Title you can click on the drop down and select "Make this text a link"

Click Edit / Add Link then in the pop-up dialog enter the following


Where YOUR_TARGET_URL is the website address that you want to send visitors to, and YOURCAMPAIGNNAME is the name of your choice. (Please ensure that in Campaign Monitor, Google Analytics tracking is turned off, or it will conflict. Call us if you have questions!)

CANDDi will automatically translate these url's 


3b) Adding HTML links around images (etc..)

Click to insert an image.  Then in the input select Edit Link and it's the same as the text input above

4) How to test this

Campaign Monitor is a little funny in that if you use their "test email campaign" then it inserts "made up" first name, last name and email address (they typically use  If you click these links then your test users will all show up in CANDDi as

Rather than seeing bad data within your CANDDi profiles - it's better to create a new mailing list (please add into this too) within Campaign Monitor and send a real campaign to this "dummy" mailing list

When you do this then Campaign Monitor inserts the correct data into the links



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