Webhook Trigger


The Callback trigger enables developers to register a web-hook (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webhook) which will be triggered when a Visitor triggers an action within CANDDi.

This is most typically used to update CRM / Lead Generation platforms with the data in CANDDi

How to:

This trigger can be added to any stream when first created or by editing an existing stream. Once on the trigger setup page, you will be looking for a webhook button.



 You will need to supply CANDDi with a webhook callback URL which can accept a HTTP POST request.  Eg:  https://example.com/callback.php 

This trigger can be set to fire when 

  • a Contact first enters this stream
  • a Contact leaves this stream
  • a Contact in this stream rejoins

When this trigger fires then an HTTP POST will be made on this webhook.  This HTTP POST will contain (in the post body) details about:

  • The Stream (or streams) which triggered this
  • The Contact who triggered this


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