Configuring CANDDi To Understand Your Forms

On occasion, CANDDi cannot automatically interpret the data fields in the forms on your website. We provide a way to do this manually. 
For example, if you have a form field with the name of "fstname", and you wish this to be interpreted as the First Name for a Contact, then this is something you will need to set manually.
Included in your nightly summary email, there will be a notification if you have any data fields we cannot recognise, and a link to fix these. 
  1. Navigate to the "Site Tagging - Individual"

    Screen_Shot_2018-04-23_at_11.51.56.png       Screen_Shot_2018-04-23_at_11.56.13.png

  2. You should see an alert with the number of forms you need to decode

  3. Click "Show forms" on this alert
  4. Click the "Edit page" button next to the form you wish to update


  5. From there, it will bring up a view like thisScreen_Shot_2017-09-08_at_13.53.55.png
  6. Choose the field tab, which will bring a list similar to this Screen_Shot_2017-09-08_at_13.58.10.png
  7. In the drop down box, select the corresponding description, ie full name field if the examples on the right appear to you to be full names, etc. You must pick a value for every field, please make use of the "Ignore" option if needed.
  8. Click "Update page"
  9. You should now see a message at the top telling you that this form will be reprocessed 
Please note: When you click "Update", we process everything in the background, so you may not see updated contacts right away. You will receive a dashboard alert when this process is complete. 
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