Adestra integration



This document discusses how to use CANDDi with the Adestra platform

NOTE Adestra platform dosen't support "merge" fields as most platforms do - hence this section is more for guidance (but your millage may vary and your specific configuration / settings might be slightly different to the steps described below)

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Steps to create an Adestra newsletter

  1. You need to create a new Profile within Adestra (you may well want to extend from the default Google Analytics profile so that you get Google Analytics tracking embedded as well)
  2. Call this profile CANDDi
  3. You will need to "Create new Fields" (click on the button).  Create "Contact Fields".  Add fields for First Name, Last Name and Email Address
  4. THIS IS IMPORTANT:  Rename from the "default" Adestra names as follows:
Field Adestra Name Rename it to
Email Address email ce
First Name firstname cfn
Last Name lastname cln

Now when you add a link to your template or your mailer - use the CANDDi profile and Adestra will automatically merge in the correct fields


The end result should look something like: 

Adestra **should** now automatically introduce the correct parameters when you send the email.  We strongly recommend that you test this before using it for your live campaigns.

Now when the recipient clicks through this link then they will be taken to your website and identified by CANDDi



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