How do I stream a specific Question on my website?


You can use custom streams to show everyone that has answered a Question with a specific answer.


  1. Click the large NEW + tab located on the top of your streams menu. 
  2. From the list, click QUESTIONS
  3. Scroll down and select ANSWER 



    4.On the right, click select an option, then choose any selected value.

    5. In the box that says Select an option or add your own, you can then either type/paste in the Answer or select from the drop down (It will only appear in the   drop down once someone has selected that specific answer).

    6. Click the orange button ADD RULE BELOW

    7. On the next page, click the green button PREVIEW AND SAVE

    8. Name the stream

    9. Click save STREAM AND CONTINUE

    10. Unless you want to set a trigger, click the small green FINISH BUTTON in lower right hand corner.

You can now repeat the steps above for each Answer, and you will then be able to select your new stream(s) from the box in the top left corner.

















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