Importing data into Excel



Sometimes Excel "mangles" the CSV data which has been exported from CANDDi.  

For example Excel strips off the leading 0 from Phone Number fields

This FAQ shows how to import the data into Excel in a way which preserves this data



1. Run a regular Stream Export in CANDDi 

2. Once the Export has completed then download the CSV file from Actions -> Downloads

Now to import into Excel-

3. Select File -> Import -> CSV File

(NOTE These screenshots were made on a Mac - but the Windows workflow should be the same)

4. Select your exported file

5. Select Delimited

6. On Step 2 of 3 - click Next (rather than straight to Finish)

7. Highlight the field that you wish to have displayed as a PhoneNumber (select Column data format "Text")

Repeat step 7 for all the fields which you wish to have formatted like this


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