What is the Question/CANDDi Capture?


CANDDi Capture makes it easy to pop up questions in front of your website visitors when they meet certain criteria, so you can target different questions to different types of visitors.


Questions appear as a customisable tab in the bottom right hand side of the screen and can gather information which is then mapped back into CANDDi.  There are four different types of question (single answer, multi-choice, small text box and large text box).  Email and Name fields can also be turned on.


You can build streams based on visitors answers and see their answers when viewing their profile, making it easy to take action based on a visitors information.



Edit it in your dashboard under "Capture", find the one you want under "Live" or "Not Live", and follow the steps to customise!


See here for more details!


Or contact us on 0161 414 1080 or help@canddi.com




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