How to create a new capture?


Creating the Question:

From your dashboard, click the identify tab and select CANDDi Capture, you will then see a tab on the top left hand side of the screen which says "+ new capture" select this tab. 

Step 1 - Create Question:

1.1 Set your question- 

Input your question into the "what would you like to ask" section. This will be seen by visitors. Try to make it concise as possible.


1.2 Choose a type of Answer-

Questions are available with 3 varieties of answer. Choose the one you desire from the drop down list.  Check out these different answer type examples


1.3 Add your answers -

You can change the answer type during the setup wizard, but once a Question has been created it cannot be changed.

Use the setup boxes to configure your question answers or pre-populated text.

  1. Single and multi-choice questions will need answers, use the blue "+ Add an answer" button to add one or more rows
  2. Free text has an option to be prepopulated.

Once you are happy with your question click the big green "Next" button.


2.1 Mandatory information-

Decide which fields you require people to complete. We recommend that you choose two out of the three options.


2.2 Time Delay-

Some people prefer the Capture not to appear immediately. If you wish, you may set a short delay.


2.3 Preview-

If you click the Preview button, this will show you how your Question will appear on your site. This is not live, and will only display against your home page.

(If you wish to adjust the appearance of your Capture, you can find out more here.)




3.1 Add Question to stream(s)-

Your question will not be shown to any visitors unless they are a member of a stream. Choose the stream you wish to associate this question with from the drop down menu. You can add to one or more streams.

To show a question to all visitors, associate the stream with the Last Visitors stream.

Press the green "Add" button to complete the process.



Step 4 - CONFIRM:



4.1 Choose a name for your question-

This will not be seen by the public and is for your reference only.

4.2 Set priority (if required)-

If you have more than one live Question, and a visitor matches multiple questions at the same time, CANDDi will pick the higher priority question to be displayed.

4.3 Delete Question- 

Should you decide that you no longer require this Question, you can permanently delete it here. 


5. Create Stream:

You can now create a custom stream where you will be able to see everyone that answers your Question grouped together.

6. Add email alert:

Adding email notifications to a stream.

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