Using geographically targeted CANDDi Capture to improve enquiry rates



We spotted a CANDDi customer using CANDDi in a very smart way this week.  By creating Streams of visitors based on the geographic location of the visitor they could target a CANDDi Capture question at a very specific group.  They then wrote the Questions in an appropriate local language and added the details of the countries most appropriate sales office and invited the visitor to get in touch.  End result; improved enquiry rates and conversion rates.


How to do this

There are four steps to duplicating this successful story...


1) Create the stream

Firstly create your Stream which targets a geolocation you are interested in.  This could be right down to city level but here we're targeting a whole country.  

  1. Click "Create Stream" from the Dashbaord
  2. On the right hand side refine the stream to a country like so
  3. Once you're happy, Click "Preview and Save"


Note: You have had to have had a visitor from that country for it to appear in the drop down list.


2) Add an Email Notification

For maximum effect CANDDi can email you every time a visitor joins this stream.  In the Stream Creation wizard add an Email Notification trigger like this


3) Add the Questions

Now you need to ad your CANDDi Capture trigger to the stream.  



  1. From the Triggers dropdown select CANDDi Capture
  2.  Step through the wizard
  3. We used Google Translate for local language, your milage may vary.


4) Act on your alerts and improve the process

Now you'll receive an email when somebody joins the stream.  A process of monitoring and refining will help to make the most out of this setup.  Are you getting visitors from countries you're not targeting?  Is there something you can say to a specific group to help improve the enquiry rate?




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