Updating contacts in bulk


You can perform a range of actions on groups of contacts through the dashboard including:

  1. Adding/Removing tags
  2. Assigning Contacts
  3. Adding comments
  4. Setting Contacts as Prospects
  5. Excluding Prospects
  6. Sharing Contacts by email


Accessing Bulk Update:

  1. Choose the stream you wish to select contacts from
  2. Switch to List View

  3. Select one or more contacts

  4. If needed use the "Select All" box.

    This will select all the contacts that are on screen (not every contact in the stream)
  5. An orange "Edit Contacts" button will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Click this.

  6. The bulk update window will pop up

  7. Remember that all changes will be applied to all of the selected contacts.
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