Updating contacts in bulk


You can perform a range of actions on groups of contacts through the dashboard including:

  1. Adding/Removing tags
  2. Assigning Contacts
  3. Adding comments
  4. Setting Contacts as Prospects
  5. Excluding Prospects
  6. Sharing Contacts by email


Accessing Bulk Update:

  1. Choose the stream you wish to select contacts from
  2. Switch to List View
  3. Select one or more contacts
  4. If needed use the "Select All" box. This will select all the contacts that are on screen (not every contact in the stream)
  5. An orange "Edit Contacts" button will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Click this.

  6. The bulk update window will pop up with the following options:
    1. Tags - bulk add a particular tag 
    2. Assign Visitors - Assign contact to a particular CANDDi User
    3. Add Comment
    4. Assing Prospect / Exclude - Adds or removes the 'prospect' or 'exclude' tag if they exist in your list
    5. Share Contacts - sends a copy of selected contacts' profile to provided email addresses
    6. Advanced Options - You have a 'Merge contacts' and 'Reprocess contacts' options there; Merge is used when you find two profiles of the same visitor (sometimes it might happen) and you are sure it is the same person, you can then manually merge them (often times CANDDi will do this itself when it is confident enough that the two profiles are indeed the same person) ; Reprocess is a way to refresh a contact, ie if you can see in the activity that a contact has filled in a form but the details have not been pulled through yet, this is a way how you can refresh the contact (however, generally CANDDi does not take long to process details)Screen_Shot_2017-09-12_at_16.01.33.png
  7. Remember that all changes will be applied to all of the selected contacts.
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