How to access and use the Streams Dashboard (Admin mode)


The CANDDi Admin Dashboard allows users to create different streams to share, edit, set up and assign to individual team members. It is a clear and easy way of managing your leads and getting the most out of your sales team.


You will find the Streams Dashboard Page under the tab settings at the top of the menu bar.


You are able to share with individual users, duplicate lists, view rules and delete. More information on how to use this can be found here: Streams Dashboard FAQ

We have made it easier for you to filter results for quick find solutions.

At the top there is the option of 'Filter Streams', where you are able to select different members of your team and view clearly what streams are assigned to them.

 These dashboards will make it easier for you to control your streams and your sales team leads, manage settings and run your inbound inquiry process with more efficiency.

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