CANDDi to Salesforce Integration



This document describes how to link CANDDi with Salesforce using Zapier.

NOTE You will need to create a Zapier account and register for the CANDDi Application first (See


How to:

1. Create a new Zap within Zapier


2. Choose a Trigger App (CANDDi) and select 'CANDDi Trigger' from the dropdown (there is only one action!)

3. Choose an Action App (Salesforce - please note Zapier will only allow integration with Salesforce if you are a paying Zapier user) 


4. Choose the action you'd like the Zap to result in - in this example we want to a Salesforce Lead to be created. 



5. You'll be asked to enter your CANDDi login details, once done, press continue. 


You will need to use the API key from CANDDi. Do this by clicking on your business's logo at the top right corner and then My Settings settings:


It will bring up a screen view with your CANDDi API key:


You'll then need to name the 'connected CANDDi account' within Zapier, enter the API Key, and enter the account 'slug' (the first part of your CANDDi dashboard URL; ie for it would be canddi-motors). 

Click Continue...and you should see a message telling you it's working!

6. You'll then be asked to 'Allow' Zapier access to Saleforce.


7. In CANDDi, within the Zapier dashboard, click on '+ New Trigger'. Follow the 4 steps, choose the fields you want to Zap from CANDDi to Salesforce, the message you want to add to the lead in Salesforce, and the stream you'd like to add it to.




You'll be provided with a trigger ID from CANDDi 


8. Switch to Zapier and paste the CANDDi TriggerID and account slug

Copy the Zapier Webhook provided in step 2...

And paste into CANDDi 

Upon clicking Save, you will see a something similar to the following image

9. Match up the CANDDi fields to the Salesforce fields. There may be some 'required' fields that aren't available in CANDDi...just put a '.' in as sample data. 

You'll then need to test the Zap

Please note, you'll be asked to repeat this to validate it's worked! The exact same thing. (This is a Zapier requirement)


10. Switch to Salesforce, and see if it's worked! You should see a new lead has been created!


11. Name the Zap and turn it on!






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