How to integrate CANDDi with your CRM (Using Zapier)


What's Zapier?


To integrate CANDDi with your CRM, we use a program called Zapier. If you want to set up this up, you'll have to speak to us first, since we need to activate it on your account.

Once we've activated your Zapier, you need to accept our invitation - follow the instructions in this FAQ: Registration

The process of integrating the different programs will vary slightly, but you can follow the general instructions laid out below. (For a process specific to CANDDi-Salesforce integration, please look here instead.)


Zapier Integration - How does it work?


Zapier takes information from one source, and inputs it into another. It can be used to integrate various programs (see here for a list of programs Zapier can integrate). The basic steps are:


Choosing the Trigger and Action




Create Trigger in CANDDi


Create action in Zapier


Map Data Across





How to?


1) Choosing the Trigger and Action

Specify the program you want info to come from (the Trigger program), and what event will cause the info to be sent (CANDDi Trigger). Then choose the program you want it to go to (the Action program), and what it will do there (e.g. create a new lead).


2) Authentication

You need to authenticate both programs to work within Zapier. Zapier will give instructions as to what is needed, usually you may need to enter an API key or log in.

See: Getting your CANDDi user API key (Copy the key, and paste it into Zapier)


3) Create Trigger in CANDDi

You will need to create the trigger within your CANDDi dashboard.

In CANDDi,  go to Alerts > Zapier Alerts and click "+ New Trigger".



You will then need to fill in the following fields:


In the fields, decide which you want to take from CANDDi and what value to select, ie if there is more than one email selecting the "display all values" will pull through all email addresses on the CANDDi profile; if you select "display value with highest count" for email that would mean which email has the contact come to your website from the most, etc.

Hit "Create a Trigger" and you'll be provided with a trigger ID from CANDDi: 

Switch to Zapier and paste the CANDDi TriggerID and account slug into the relevant places (the account slug is the 'name' part of your CANDDi dashboard URL - for example, if the URL of your dashboard is, the slug would be "canddi-motors")


4) Create action

Next, you need to match up the trigger so that CANDDi will put the information it has into the correct fields in your Action Program (i.e. your CRM).

Copy the Zapier Webhook provided earlier in Zapier...

And paste into CANDDi 

Upon clicking Save, you will see a something similar to the following image


5) Map Data Across

Now set out what exactly you want to happen in your chosen CRM.

You need to match up the fields so that CANDDi will put the information it has into the correct fields in your Action Program (i.e. your CRM).

TOP TIP: you may want to populate any *required* fields with a full stop - this is so that if CANDDi doesn't have the required info, it will still pull through the details it does have. Just put a full stop '.' in to populate it.


6) Test

 Test the trigger, and see if it works!

Please note, you'll be asked to repeat this to validate it's worked! The exact same thing. (This is a Zapier requirement)


Switch to your CRM and see if it's worked! You should see a new lead has been created. :)


Name the Zap and turn it on!


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