Building UTM Parameters (Google Analytics) in CANDDi for Social Media


So, you are running social media campaigns (good on you!) and want to know how they can work with CANDDi?

We can track in CANDDi who comes to your website from a particular social media campaign link, and separate them into different streams: for example, if they came from Twitter or Linked In, from the "July Newsflash" or the "How To Do Better" posts. (We can't pull people's details from their Facebook profile to your database - that's not opted-in data, it's just an invasion of privacy!)

So to track where your traffic is coming from, we need to embed some code behind your hyperlinks. These codes are called UTM Parameters.

UTM tracking will work the same with any other form of referrer, whether it be Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter etc) or Online Ads etc. The purpose of them is gather where traffic to your site is coming from, and also how effective particular campaigns have been. 


To build these parameters in CANDDi, see the steps below:


1) In your CANDDi Dashboard go to Identify > Bulk Email Marketing 

                 - Select "Manually Create" at the bottom of the Email Platform drop down

                 - Enter the hyperlink / landing page URL you want people to visit 

                 - Ignoring the fields that say First Name to Email Address, click "Yes" to Google Analytics

                 - Now you'll want to fill out your Parameters (shown below)

                 - Hit "Generate Code"

Campaign Medium = The medium from which the campaign was sent i.e. Social Media 

Campaign Source = The specific source that the link was contained i.e. LinkedIn

Campaign Name = The exact name given to a campaign, this helps to identify and differentiate between campaign. 

*Do not use spaces, underscores only!



You should now be met with a link that looks something like this:


2) Select the text you want to put the hyperlink behind, and click insert link



3) Paste the code you generated into this link



4) You are done! Now anyone who clicks through this link can be streamed, to see who is coming from which campaigns


If you want to find out about how to Stream your social media visitors in your Dashboard, please Read More...

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